Minimising boat traffic and sound from the farm 

We use a variety of vessels to perform specific functions on the farm and we will always need to travel to and from the pens, as well as transport fish and equipment. We expect that there will be a small increase in boat traffic when we commence our operations and we are committed to keeping boat traffic to a minimum. In addition, moving existing leases further offshore will assist in minimising interactions, noise and visual impacts from our vessels.

Working with the regulator 

We have extensive experience in operating under both state and federal regulations across all areas of our business. We are committed to working closely with the relevant authorities as we develop our operations in Port Stephens.

Part of our commitment to operating responsibly and sustainably is establishing rigorous protocols and management plans across all areas of our business. This includes continuous education and consultation with our employees, other users of the waterway and the local community about our operations.

Increased employment opportunities for local people

Huon believes in employing locally wherever possible and encourages employees to live, work and raise their families within their local communities.