The Future of Fish Farming

The Future of Fish Farming

To meet market demand means we need to do things better, more efficiently and with less impact on the environment.

New technology, improved information and knowledge, coupled with a strong desire to be a world leader in farming practices as we grow our business sustainability and to reach our goals, we will:

  1. Install new seal and bird-proof pens across our entire operations including increasing the size of some pens and reducing the total number needed
  2. Change some of our lease locations to more environmentally appropriate farm sites that will also be further away from residences along the river
  3. Install new barge-based feed systems that will match our existing world-leading feed technology that will efficiently and safely feed our fish at our off-shore site
  4. New methods of servicing our pens that will significantly reduce the amount of boat traffic in and around our farms
  5. Increase our hatchery capacity to provide salmon for our unused leases in Storm Bay



Equally as important as what we will change, is what we won’t and that is particularly true in the case for the Huon and Channel.

Did you know that for the Huon and Channel:

  1. Huon will not grow any more fish than it does currently
  2. Huon will not increase its total lease area
  3. Huon will not use any more feed than is currently used

Each element of our plan is co-dependant on the others. That means, they must operate simultaneously for the whole farming system to work.

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