Feed Systems

Huon is well known across the salmon farming world for our focus on feeding our fish adaptively. This means that the fish choose when and how much they want to feed.

Our current Hopper based AQ1 Systems are one of the key technologies we use to deliver feed adaptively to our fish. Whilst these systems are ideal for feeding in inshore pens, the challenge for us in the years to come is to provide the same level of accuracy and flexibility in our offshore leases.

In planning our development of the offshore leases we have developed the most innovative feed delivery and management system anywhere in the world. The new system is made up of a series of feed barges that will be permanently located at leases and which will each feed up to 16 pens of fish adaptively.

In common with our inshore feed systems, the new state-of-the-art barges are being built here in Tasmania. They will lead the industry in safety, comfort, feeding technology and efficiency.


Reduced noise from reduced feed-boat traffic

The installation of the new feed barge system is expected to halve the current amount of feed boat traffic. When coupled with the pens being moved further away from shore, this represents a significant reduction in feed boat traffic noise – particularly at key times such as dawn and dusk.

More efficient feeding

The new barges are filled in a single trip from a large vessel and will hold at least one week’s food. All the machinery to measure and transport the food out to the fish is kept in a stable, dry space below deck rather than exposed to the elements.

Improved safety for workers

The new barge system provides a safer work environment and allows our experienced fish feeders to focus on feeding the fish rather than maintaining the feed hoppers. The more robust technology of the new feed system means that there is less physical impact on workers (less strenuous work) and that the skill and experience of older workers can be retained in feed roles.