Peter Bender

PeterA born and bred farmer, Peter is passionate about his family, his home state and his motorbikes. Even though Huon has grown to become the largest privately owned producer of salmon in Australia, Peter remains involved in the day-to-day operations of the farm at a grassroots level.

He is often heard saying that, “a farmers best fertiliser is shoe leather”, and that managers are no good to him if they spend all their time in an office.

His interest in farming technologies has resulted in numerous awards and accreditations for Huon. In particular, the company has built a reputation for its ability to develop world leading solutions for what is still a relatively juvenile industry worldwide.

Some of these projects include the design of world first technology to assist feeding, harvesting and predator protection infrastructure and methods. It is his persistence in identifying and solving problems which has led the way to evolutionary changes in fish farming globally and that stands him (although he would never say it himself) at the vanguard of the industry.

Often thought of as a quiet achiever Peter can be tempted into the spotlight to talk all things fish, farming and Tasmania. His most memorable television appearance was an interview with Ray Martin on A Current Affair at the family farm. In the episode Ray was posed the question, “have you ever seen a dog that eats smoked salmon?” and viewers at home were also privy to Peter’s Huon-famous cow impressions.

Huon is known around the world for its dedication to excellence. It is this dedication, which stems from Peter’s passion for farming, which has created a workplace which is both dynamic and exciting.

With a new idea or invention always around the corner, Huon staff are always waiting (with both trepidation and excitement) for new projects and for the infamous phrase, “I’ve been thinking…”.

It is also safe to say that Peter’s dedication to innovative farming is the reason we can lay claim to producing the world’s most loved salmon.

And he’s still thinking…