Community Grants guidelines

The Huon Aquaculture Helping Hand grants program provides financial and in-kind assistance to support community facilities, projects, events and programs that have a clear community benefit or need.

Assistance will be provided in the form of cash grants (maximum of $3,000) or in-kind assistance.

In-kind assistance relates to support through the provision of Huon products either at zero or a reduced cost.

It is important that a clear and detailed description of the proposal is provided that demonstrates a clear community benefit or need.

Who can apply?

  • Incorporated associations (an incorporated association is a registered legal entity usually established for recreational, cultural or charitable purposes).
  • Not-for-profits and charities such as Meals on Wheels.
  • Community-based organisations.
  • Schools.

Who can’t apply?

  • Individuals whose project ostensibly benefits themselves.
  • Projects that benefit political, religious organisation or lobby groups; or
  • Individual sporting clubs unless they have a high level of Huon Aquaculture employees or family of employee involvement.

What makes a project eligible?

  • Projects or events must have a high level of community participation.
  • Provide a significant benefit to the local community.
  • Correctly fills out the application form and provides adequate details in the required fields.

What makes a project ineligible?

  • A project that requests a grant to cover ongoing running costs.
  • A project that is for the profit of an individual or business.
  • Having received financial support in the current financial year, or previous half of the last financial year.
  • Projects that do not provide details on how Huon Aquaculture’s support will be acknowledged.
  • Application forms that are not fully completed, or are received after the round closes, will not be assessed and will automatically be unsuccessful.

How do you apply?

  • Familiarise yourself with the information above and check that you or your group is eligible to apply for a grant.
  • Read through the application form (available online) and ensure that you can provide all of the necessary information by the due date.
  • Fill out all of the fields in the application form to the best of your ability
  • All applications must be received before the close of business on the closing date of the grant period.

How are applications assessed?

Applications are assessed on merit by a Board of Huon Aquaculture employees. Only applications that fully meet the eligibility criteria will be assessed by the Board.

The Board takes into consideration whether your group have previously received support from Huon Aquaculture, and if the project will go ahead if you are not successful in receiving a grant.

The Board spreads the allocated budget across the areas where we operate so as to eliminate undue bias.

Things to remember:

  • The Board’s decision is final.
  • Any inappropriate behaviour towards the person or persons making contact with applicants to communicate the Board’s decision may be taken into consideration if you choose to apply in another round.
  • Each grant round is open for four weeks.
  • Applications must be received by close of business on the day that the grants close.
  • The purpose of the grants is to get projects up and running, not to provide ongoing support.
  • Research if your group has received support before—we appreciate that members change and this information can be lost but try searching our website to see if you have been given a grant before.

Letter of offer

All applicants will be communicated the Board’s decision via mail within four weeks.  Successful applicants will be required to fill our and return a Recipient Detail Form. Once this form has been returned, payment of in-kind support will be arranged.


Successful applicants are required to provide a brief written report and acquittal of the grant within one month of completion of the project. The Acquittal form will be provided to successful applicants with the letter of offer.

If Acquittal is not received in a timely manner, Huon Aquaculture reserves the right to seek reimbursement of the grant amount.

Recognition of Huon’s assistance

Successful applicants are required to publically acknowledge Huon Aquaculture’s support. This can be discussed when the letter of offer has been received.