Round Eight

Burnie Community House Inc.

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants assisted Burnie Community House Inc.’s project ‘Produce Shed Fitout’. Burnie Community House provides access to a free fresh produce shed where vegetables from the community garden, produce from Second Bite and home gardeners is available to people in the community experiencing  financial stress.

Shandel Pile, Project Office at Burnie Community House said, “the fitout of the free produce shed has provided a welcoming and hygienic space for the local community to visit. The shed is located next to our Community Food Cooperative where we will offer a community run store with produce and household items for sale to members and residents at a very fair price.

“The fresh produce is primarily supplied by small locally run enterprises.  While workshops and classes are run by Burnie Community House to the community and school groups that build skills around nutrition, health and wellbeing,” said Shandel.

Circular Head Garden Club

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants have assisted Circular Head Garden Club’s Garden Spectacular at Highfield Historic Site, Stanley by providing in-kind support. The Garden Spectacular is a family-friendly community day out that showcases a range of horticultural, gardening and floral installations.

Christine Medwin, Circular Head Garden Club’s Secretary said “we have held several events similar to the Garden Spectacular and we always receive positive feedback. We believe that there are very few public events in the north west of the State that encourage people to question where their food comes from.”

Cygnet Primary School

While Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is not a formal subject in the curriculum as yet, Cygnet Primary School is setting up a classroom fitted out with specialist equipment to give kids an advantage when STEM is introduced.

Michael Garner, parent volunteer in the Parents and Friends and School Association said “this project will help our youth be prepared for a rapidly changing job market by providing them with an understanding of STEM subjects especially teamwork, endurance, tenacity, coding and lateral thinking.”

Dover District School Association

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants has assisted Dover District School Association’s project ‘Introduction to SCUBA Camp’. The camp is open to students at Dover School and aims to open their eyes to future employment opportunities in the field.

Thomas Eastland, Dover School Principal said, “diving is a potential career pathway for our students and while they won’t receive their Open Water ticket from this camp, it is a big step in that direction.”

Franklin Primary School

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants assisted Franklin Primary School’s project ‘Playground Refurbishment’. Franklin Primary School’s playground has a history of flooding due to poor drainage making it inaccessible during the wetter months.

Linda Heerey, Franklin Primary School Principal said “for most of the year, the flooded section of the playground has to be closed as it is muddy and unsafe. By refurbishing this part of the playground, we have the chance to make it safe and accessible to all students. The addition of natural elements including large boulders and native grasses have created more interesting play areas. We have also added a mud kitchen which provides a great outdoor learning space where students can get their hands on playing in mud and water.”

Geeveston Cares

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants assisted Geeveston Cares’ project ‘Cares Gift Boxes’. Geeveston Cares provides gift boxes to families facing difficult times with health issues or financial stress.

Sally Doyle, Geeveston Cares Chairperson said, “we want people who are having a hard time with their health or finances to know that someone cares. Our group is unique in that often we leave a parcel with a Cares card so sometimes people have no idea who we are but we don’t do this for recognition.”

Geeveston Fire Brigade

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants assisted Geeveston Fire Brigade’s project ‘UHF Handheld Radios’. Geeveston Fire Brigade is community-based volunteer group who serve the community in emergency situations and assist community events such as fundraising.

Amelia Franklin, Geeveston Fire Brigade’s Second Officer said, “having UHF radios will make providing vital information to our firefighters more effective in emergency situations such as car accidents, bushfires or patients having cardiac arrest. We want to make sure that everyone is on the same page and UHF radios are one way to achieve this.”

Glen Huon Primary School

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants assisted Glen Huon Primary School’s project ‘Arts Alive—Kids Thrive’. The project engaged students in a visual arts program coordinated and facilitated by a volunteer community artist.

Fiona Barrett, Glen Huon Primary School Secretary said “the aim of the project is to provide every student with the opportunity to learn fine art skills, create visual artworks and participating in curating and displaying their work at an end of year exhibition.”

Huonville Ambulance Volunteers

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants assisted the Huonville Ambulance Volunteers to purchase resuscitation training equipment for their project ‘A Helping Hand for Resuscitation’.

Their project aims to recruit and train new volunteers while maintain training within their existing group. Huonville Ambulance Volunteers make an important contribution to their community by providing first response care and assisting intensive-care paramedics during medical emergencies.

Renee Vanson, Volunteer Coordinator of the Huonville Ambulance Volunteers said “having resuscitation training equipment will help assist training the community so they feel equipped to help in emergency situations. We also have found that knowledge and education from our volunteers filters out into the community promoting early recognition of symptoms and treatment.”

Huonville High School

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants has aided Huonville High School’s project ‘Germinating Futures’. This collaborative project between Huonville High School and Huonville Primary School is centred on strengthening the relationships between the two schools, through Horticulture.

Ben Horne, Huonville High School Science and Horticulture Teacher said, “our aim is to use Horticulture as a learning platform for a variety of social, academic and employment opportunities. We teach positive working culture, mentoring, social and emotional intelligence, leadership and career pathways.”

Karuah Landcare Group

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants has assisted Karuah Landcare Group’s project ‘Regenerating Karuah Wetlands Centre’. The project aims to improve public access to the wetland for people of all ages to enjoy.

Shelley Macorig, Karuah Landcare Group’s Secretary and Treasurer said “we are in the process of regenerating the bush around the wetlands with a series of working bees and regeneration workshops. We hope that the local community will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of this area.”

Mt Lyell Strahan Picnic Committee

The Mount Lyell Strahan Picnic has a 120-year history and is celebrated each year on 26th January at West Strahan Beach.

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants assisted the Mount Lyell Strahan Picnic Committee to replace their sporting equipment for use on Picnic Day.

Leigh Styles, Mount Lyell Strahan Picnic Committee Secretary said that “With Huon’s support we have been able to replace old equipment, buy new equipment and ensure that our annual Picnic continues to bring enjoyment to the many people who join us each year”.

Zeehan Primary School

Huon’s Helping Hand community grants helped assist Zeehan Primary School to purchase a school bus. Currently the school has to borrow a bus from other schools which makes taking kids on excursions challenging.

Sharon Woodberry, Zeehan Primary School Principal said, “by purchasing a bus, we are able to transport students to many different areas in the west and north west coast. This will help to diversify their learning and give them cultural experiences.”