Shoreline Clean-ups

At Huon, maintaining the integrity of the marine environment and surrounding areas in which we farm is a major factor in the decision-making across the company, which includes a focus on ensuring marine farming equipment remains inside designated lease areas, and in serviceable condition.

We actively work to keep our waterways safe and clean, but we understand that sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control pieces of our equipment leave our sites and enter our waterways.

We publicly report our shoreline clean-ups via our Sustainability Dashboard and DPIPWE’s Salmon Portal. If you find marine farming equipment (either on water or on land) you can report via the following mechanisms:

Mobile App – DebrisTracker available for download here > 
24/7 hotline – 1300 332 747 or if a potential navigational hazard.
Marine and Safety Tasmania – 0418 145 439. All repots are automatically forwarded to government authorities in addition to the relevant salmon company to arrange collection.

Read here for more information about our management of marine farming equipment