Increasing Transparency

Huon Aquaculture recognises that there is increased interest surrounding its operations, environmental footprint and processes for achieving sustainable practices. With the aim of increasing transparency and providing the community with a more direct link to the science and monitoring which…

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Sustainability Dashboard

Our interactive Sustainability Dashboard presents current company information on topics as diverse as antibiotic use to videos beneath our pens. Our Sustainability Dashboard has been developed by starting with what the community wants to know and delivering in a way…

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Our Approach

The six principles that have guided our planning are: Increasing production responsibly and safely Improving the health and welfare of our fish Improving safety for our workers Reducing our environmental footprint Continuing to positively participate in the community Producing world-class…

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Huon Aquaculture comments on IMAS study

Huon Aquaculture comments for the Mercury from Frances Bender, Huon Aquaculture co-Founder and Executive Director: “Today’s publication of IMAS’s study into how salmon respond to warming water and falling oxygen could not be more timely. “Sometimes science gives you answers…

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