Increasing Transparency

Huon Aquaculture recognises that there is increased interest surrounding its operations, environmental footprint and processes for achieving sustainable practices. With the aim of increasing transparency and providing the community with a more direct link to the science and monitoring which…

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Sustainability Dashboard

We want to share information that is of interest to the community about the way we farm, manage the welfare of our fish and our impact on the environment in a relevant, current, accessible and immediate way.   Huon leads the…

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Huon’s Approach

Over its 30+ year history Huon has always grown in line with demand. This long term strategy has seen the business significantly invest in freshwater, marine operations and processing functions as part of our Controlled Growth Strategy (CGS).  The CGS…

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The Huon Story – Edition Four

Ready for a change of pace? How about a good news story? Then dive into the latest edition of The Huon Story! In this edition we explore how Huon Salmon are selectively bred, the long history of our Bridport Hatchery,…

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Antibiotic usage

We believe that disease control in salmon requires a holistic approach. Good site management, fish husbandry and rigorous biosecurity measures are central to reducing the risk of disease outbreaks and controlling the spread of infectious diseases. Vaccines are important in…

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Huon’s biosecurity explained

Biosecurity – we’ve all heard the term but what does it practically mean for the industry we operate within, and indeed the broader aquaculture and seafood industries in Tasmania? It’s fair to say that people working in our industry, finfish…

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