Huon’s Approach

We are proud salmon farmers and since we established Huon Aquaculture in 1986, our business has grown to become Australia’s signature producer of salmon. We’re recognised around the world for the quality of our salmon and the ingenuity of our operations.

We are an ethical business, a respected Tasmanian brand, part of a sustainable industry and a company that is focused on the safety of our employees, the welfare of our fish and the wildlife around our farms. Being responsible and caring members of our community is important to us because we are part of that community as well – we have raised our family in the Huon and continue to live and work here.

Over its 30+ year history Huon has always grown in line with demand. This long term strategy has seen the business significantly invest in freshwater, marine operations and processing functions as part of our Controlled Growth Strategy (CGS).  The CGS has now been fully implemented (final component is the arrival of the second wellboat in January 2020 and seventh and final feed barge) and will deliver higher production volumes while increasing fish quality, maintaining consistency as well as improving efficiencies to drive higher margins. The CGS has been guided by six principles:

  • Increasing production to meet growing customer demand responsibly and safely while also increasing efficiency of farming practices and improving the already high quality of Huon fish;
  • Improving the health and welfare of fish;
  • Improving safety for Huon workers;
  • Reducing the company’s environmental footprint;
  • Continuing to positively participate in the community; and
  • Producing world-class salmon products in Tasmania.

During the five-year implementation phase of the CGS, Huon focused on re-engineering every step in the production processes to enable us to operate in high-energy sites offshore. We also ensured our systems, technology and infrastructure were world class, innovative and designed to build additional layers of efficiency and resilience into our business.

Tangible outcomes include the construction of Forest Home hatchery and Whale Point salmon nursery, complete replacement of all fish pens and moorings, construction of new, larger feed barges, expansion and improvements to processing facility in North West Tasmania, construction and commissioning a new additional valued added processing facility in Sydney as well as investment in the world’s biggest wellboat, the Ronja Storm.

Huon success and ability as farmers has also led them to investment in new leases in both NSW and WA, working closely with both state governments to undertaken commercial trials to grow Yellow Tail Kingfish.

Huon is well placed to help develop these new aquaculture opportunities utilising the technologies developed here in Tasmania and underpinned by the strong talented team of professionals currently employed within the company.

We hope that this website provides you with an understanding of what we’re trying to achieve and how we are working towards achieving it. We look forward to sharing our ideas and excitement for the future with you.


Peter and Frances Bender