We are proud salmon farmers and since we established Huon Aquaculture in 1986, our business has grown to become Australia’s signature producer of salmon. We’re recognised around the world for the quality of our salmon and the ingenuity of our operations.

We are an ethical business, a respected Tasmanian brand, part of a sustainable industry and a company that is focused on the safety of our employees, the welfare of our fish and the wildlife around our farms. Being responsible and caring members of our community is important to us because we are part of that community as well – we have raised our family in the Huon and continue to live and work here.

The six principles that have guided our planning are:

  1. Increasing production responsibly and safely
  2. Improving the health and welfare of our fish
  3. Improving safety for our workers
  4. Reducing our environmental footprint
  5. Continuing to positively participate in the community
  6. Producing world-class salmon products in Tasmania

We hope that this website provides you with an understanding of what we’re trying to achieve and how we are working towards achieving it. We look forward to sharing our ideas and excitement for the future with you.


Peter and Frances Bender