Keeping our fish low stress

Reducing and eliminating stress on our salmon is a key focus at Huon and directly contributes to the overall welfare of our fish and the quality of our products.

The 5 key ways we reduce stress for our salmon are:

1. Providing plenty of space

Huon’s stocking densities are the lowest in the world. By giving our fish plenty of space, they are able to behave naturally which reduces stress dramatically.

2. Handling

We try to minimise the amount of handling our fish require and when we do need to handle them, for example for bathing, we use methods and technology that are gentle on the fish.

3. Keepin them together

Salmon have complex social structures and by keeping a population of fish together throughout their life, we allow them to build and maintain cohesive social structures.

4. Using their natural instincts

Salmon instinctively swim into a current. At Huon we utilise this instinct for both transporting and harvesting fish. When we transport fish, we move them in the hull of our well boat the Ronja Huon which it is low-stress. In addition, when it comes time to harvest, our system has a standing wave.

5. Preventing threats

Seals and seabirds prey on our salmon. The presence and proximity of these predators can greatly stress the fish. To reduce this, Huon has developed a world-leading “fortress pen” that prevents seals and birds from gaining access to the pens below or above the water line and keeps a greater distance between the fish and their predators.