How we feed our fish

We are continually learning and inventing new ways to feed our fish with a focus on fish performance andminimising feed wastage.

We feed our fish to appetite which means that the fish eat when they are hungry not when they are told to. In this way, we allow the fish’s natural behaviour to determine when and how much they feed. Similarly, our feed system allows all fish to feed at the same time, allowing less dominant fish equal access to feed from anywhere in the pen.

Our Feed Barges house high-tech feed systems such as cutting-edge pellet-recognition systems to determine when the fish are hungry and when they are full, which means less wastage and a reduced environmental impact.

Feed Barge 

Our locally-built feed barges are at the centre of our feeding system.

The feed barges also provides a safe work environment and allows our experienced fish feeders to focus on feeding the fish. The more robust technology of the new feed system means that there is less physical impact on workers (less strenuous work) and that the skill and experience of older workers can be retained in feed roles.

Through the on-board control room, our experienced feeders have the ability to remotely switch on feed to particular pens, monitor feeding using a series of underwater cameras and pellet detection software, and switch the feed off when the fish are no longer hungry.

By carefully monitoring how much salmon are eating, we are able to prevent food wastage and reduce our environmental impact.


Control Room

We have set up a remote control room in our Hobart Corporate Office. From this control room, we can remotely feed fish at any of our sites with no staff on the ground, ensuing employee safety when the weather is too rough to operate from a feed barge.

Investing in remote feed systems will allow us to move further offshore in the coming years without compromising on employee safety.


Spreading feed

Our feed spinners, developed by Huon Aquaculture employees, evenly distribute feed across entire pens.

High-pressure water evenly spreads feed across our pens and with our spinners operating at approximately 400 revolutions per minute, we are able to ensure that each fish is given the opportunity to feed regardless of its size or dominance.