Keeping our fish healthy

Keeping our fish healthy

For fish to thrive, they need to be kept healthy.

Huon believes that disease control in salmonid production requires a holistic approach. Good site management, fish husbandry and rigorous biosecurity measures are central to reducing risk of disease outbreaks and controlling spread of infectious diseases. Vaccines are important in preventing disease outbreaks where effective vaccines are available, but cannot be expected to control all losses and medication, such as antibiotics, is only used as a last resort to avoid significant animal welfare issues and stock losses.

Once viable disease organisms have established infection at a farm site, it will be very difficult to prevent spread of that organism within the site. Therefore, as a first line of defence it is critical that all reasonable measures are taken to minimise the risk of introduction of disease organisms to all sites.

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Vetinary Health Plan (VHP)


Tasmanian Salmonid Health Surveillance Program (TSHSP)