Bath Crew

bath crew on wharfOur Bath Crew support the operations of our wellboats to prepare salmon for bathing and transfers. They start the day with a handover from the previous crew and get prepared for their shift by collecting the gear they need for their tasks.

From here the Crew might need to prepare a Fortress Pen full of salmon for a bath. This involves loosening some of the ropes on the pen, preparing the seal fence, separating the fish into sections and preparing the moorings for the wellboat to pull alongside.

They then assist with the wellboat’s berthing and liaise with the Wellboat Coordinator to get the salmon safely on-board. While the salmon are swimming around in the wellboat, the Bath Crew heads over to a pen that has already been bathed to re-rig and tighten the ropes. The team also assists with harvest transfers, towing liners, setting nets, and rigging and stripping pens.

The ideal candidate is is someone who is practically minded, reliable, willing to learn, a team player, likes to have a laugh, okay with working remotely and in sometimes average weather.