On-Water Maintenance

feed boat alongside a feed bargeGeneral work undertaken by OWM involves camera or sensor maintenance, monitoring seal activity and visual pen inspections when fish appetite is unusual.
OWM is also responsible for maintaining all of the on-water feed infrastructure including the feed barges, installing and replacing feed pipes, maintaining feed bins, calibrating feed delivery and installation and maintenance of solar panels and battery boxes, and cleaning bins between year-classes of fish.

They also set up feed systems for new pens which includes plumbing all feed, air and water lines into the barge, running to the appropriate pen and plumbing to the spinner system.
OWM often spend nights on-board the feed barges were they can ensure stock security by doing visual checks and make sure that lighting is switched on and working.
Whilst they do a lot of work on equipment in-situ, OWM have a large storage area and repair shed. Here they fix solar panels and brackets including 12V wiring, overhaul/fix spinners and spinner motors, cables, general troubleshooting of why equipment that was swapped out might not work.

Basic electrical (circuitry) knowledge and basic mechanical knowledge is essential.