HUON’s award winning products are made from some of the finest salmon in the world. Care is taken to ensure our salmon are kept stress free, well nourished, clean and healthy. We also ensure that we raise them with sustainable practices in the crystal open waters of Tasmania. Taking pride in our produce results in high quality products that taste superb.

Our fresh salmon is sashimi grade, rich in colour, succulent in texture and fresh in aroma. Our smoked salmon products are slow smoked for up to 40 hours over red-gum logs using traditional smoking methods. Our dips offer a very generous portion of real fish making them unique amongst the competition, and our salmon roe is a gold medal winning accompaniment to any dish.

Rest assured that when you buy a HUON product you are getting the best quality and taste experience available while supporting an Australian family business. Our commitment is to always strive to do our best and produce the best, in the best place in the world.


✓ Stress Free – Raised to mirror the natural life of salmon in the wild.
✓ Well Nourished – The highest quality feed dispensed by our ingenious feeding system.
✓ Kept Clean and Healthy – Nurtured in the most spacious enclosures in the world.
✓ Raised with Sustainable Practices – In the crystal clear open waters of Tasmania