We sell our salmon to your local fishmonger, restaurant or supermarket who make it easier to enjoy salmon by cutting the whole salmon they buy in bulk into smaller individually sized portions. Whether cut into traditional cutlets or the increasingly popular salmon portions or fillets you can buy fresh salmon every day of the year.


For those customers who wish to perform less of the processing task, we also cut our salmon into ready to … more


Most fishmongers, supermarkets and restaurants offer cutlets for sale. We supply the whole salmon and they further process the fish … more


Huon can also supply pre-rigor salmon fillets in various forms upon request for wholesale customers. Pin boned, skin on or … more

Sashimi & Sushi

While Huon do not supply sliced salmon sashimi style, the salmon we produce are sashimi grade and supplied to leading … more

Whole Salmon (Hog)

Harvested almost every day, Huon whole salmon are packed fresh into polystyreme boxes filled with ice and shipped same day, … more