About Us

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Peter and Frances Bender commenced salmon farming in 1986 in the beautiful waters surrounding their farming property at Hideaway Bay. What began as a diversification to the family cattle and sheep farming enterprises soon grew into a highly successful business that would dominate their commercial lives and the Huon region.

Our area of southern Tasmania is renowned for its remote ruggedness. This is where water from the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area flows into the Huon River and meets the Southern Ocean in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

Our farms are located in this pristine marine environment as well as on the west coast in Macquarie Harbour – ensuring they stay clean and healthy – a key to the high quality of the Huon product. Strict control of feeding regimes, regular movement of cages and strategic fallowing of cage sites are among the many world’s best environmental management practices Huon follows to preserve and protect the aquatic marine environment, while rearing superior quality salmon.

To this day, Huon attributes the quality of its salmon to the philosophy of ‘getting the basics right and attention to detail’. Focused solely on the goal of growing the best quality in the world, Huon set a high standard from the very beginning to ensure everything else would fall into place.

Peter and Frances saw continuing research and development as an essential tool for achieving their aims, and set out to employ the world’s top people in their field to assist them. The company continues to lead the industry in R&D initiatives, turning research into practical innovations.

Majority privately owned, the Huon Aquaculture Group produces over 17,000 tonnes of fresh salmon per year and is recognised globally as being the premium producer of fresh and smoked salmon products.

Huon currently employs over 550 multi-skilled staff in most states of Australia and both Peter and Frances remain involved in all areas of the business on a daily basis.

The entire Huon team, from biologists to welders, divers to factory hands, accountants to truck drivers and industry leading sales and marketers, all play their part and take pride in producing the Huon product.

Huon prides itself on producing the world’s most love salmon. Our commitment is to always strive to do our best, produce the best, in the best place in the world.