Huon Ocean Trout

With some of the cleanest natural wilderness in the world, the wild, pristine environment of Tasmania is the perfect breeding ground for Huon Ocean Trout. The island of Tasmania is the most south-easterly point of Australia, the next stop through the Southern Ocean being Antarctica.

Scientific name:
Oncorhynchus mykiss.
Identification and biology: Our trout began as freshwater rainbow trout and once exposed to saltwater, become Huon Ocean Trout. Ocean trout have a silvery body with dark spots on the head, body and fins and a unique red stripe along the length of its body.
Origin: Huon rainbow trout stock originally came from the McCloud Hatchery in Northern California in the early 1990s. This rainbow trout strain is quite pure and has been sought after by many United States farms and government hatcheries.

Ocean trout is considered to have firm flesh, fine texture and hold colour well. With a mild flavour profile that can be paired well with spices and seasonings, trout can be used in many seafood recipes, including sashimi.
Huon Ocean Trout are a great source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, with a high concentration of B vitamins and are a source of phosphorous (phosphate), which helps to protect the blood’s acid/base balance and transports energy.

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