Like all farming operations, we work hard to keep both our fish as well as the local wildlife safe. We believe the solution to this is good barrier technology and our industry-leading pens and nets protect seals and birds by minimising access to the pens below and above the waterline.


Our patented Fortress Pens aim to prevent seals from entering our pens, which means less chance of them becoming trapped. The nets are made from the same material used in bullet-proof vests and are the strongest used in fish farming world-wide. The pen design hinders easy access by seals to the walkways, reducing the likelihood of aggressive seals interacting with employees.

Our Fortress Pens were instrumental in Huon being able to cease relocating seals in August 2016, more than a year before the State Government banned the practice (December 2017).

Huon also works closely with the RSPCA in relation to protecting the welfare of both the stock and native wildlife. This relationship was instrumental in Huon ceasing to use some types of seal deterrents (Beanbags and Scare Caps) in 2018.


Salmon farms are attractive to a range of birds as they are seen as a place to perch and as a source of food – both the fish and the fish-feed. Preventing birds from becoming entangled or drowning inside our pens has been a driver in the development of our Fortress Pens.

The design includes higher, more taut nets to keep them well above the water which in turn restricts the birds access to the fish and the fish-feed pellets. Each Fortress Pen is installed with an escape hatch to provide an exit opportunity. By denying birds the opportunity to perch and access to both fish and feed, they are discouraged from viewing our pens as a place to rest and as a source of food.